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Michael Keenan MP claims credit for work done by RIGHT

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Radio Interference Group – Hamersley Towers (RIGHT) is a community group of local residents affected by the Hamersley radio transmitter and it’s interference. The group has been working on issues surrounding tower interference for more than 4 years. More information on the issues we are addressing can be found on our website at

With this in mind, I would like to point your readers to an article entitled “Working to solve Hamersley Tower interference” on page 1 of “The Keenan Report” featured as an insert into the Eastern Suburbs Reporter on Tuesday May 16 2006.

We are astounded that Mr Keenan can claim ownership of the issue and that he has been working hard to resolve this issue. However, despite our efforts to involve him and his office as our local member, we have had no response nor, has he ever attempted to consult us on the issue (particularly in light of the Hon Senator Coonan’s visit). In one instance, he has provided entirely inaccurate information to a group of constituents about the resolution to the issues caused by the interference.

RIGHT has had several recent accomplishments, including stopping additional transmitters from being placed on the Hamersley site. More importantly we have averted the potential broadcast of digital radio broadcasts from Hamersley that could have crippled telephone and television services for the approximate 150,000 residents in the affected vicinity of the tower.

So Mr Keenan, what have you achieved in resolving this issue?